Make you dress
Cool kids clothes FIRST STEP

Girls dresses and kids t-shirts tempate to print out

Print your template

whether it’s a dress or t-shirt, take your colored pencils, decorate the template with your favourite stickers or themes, make your own collage, let your imagination run free, and design your own unique piece of clothing.
You can determine your size with the help of the sizing chart and write it below on the template page. Add your name and if you have chosen a dress, pick between the spring/summer or autumn/winter styles.

Cool kids clothes SECOND STEP
Cool kids clothes - the newest trends for kids of all ages

Send us your scanned image

or a good picture of your own creation!
Please pay attention to a few rules when you send us the sheet of paper of your drawing! In order to get the best result, the sheet should not be wrinkled or dirty.
If you want to take a picture, please ensure that you have enough light falling on your drawing and no shadows in it. Take the picture from above.
Cool kids clothes FINAL STEP

Childrens clothes will be sent by courrier

Your fabulous exclusive item

will be custom-made by us and sent to your home with a courier service no later than 30 working days.
Wear your imagination now!

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