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Kids fashion blog…Dress or t-shirt?

Kids fashion blog - childrens fashion made by kids

Kids fashion blog – tips and tricks for perfect kids clothing!

Awesome toddler clothes – cool kids clothes online, be your own fashion-designer and color your clothing! Draw a picture and wear your awesome fashion!

27 - 06 - 2017

From today on you can be your own fashion designer with! Children can live out their creativity and design their own cool children’s clothing.

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Awesome toddler clothes - Your drawing is a unique design, just like your original dress or your stylish t-shirt

Girls clothing online – online clothing for girls where children can draw their own fashion in a couple of easy and fun steps! Draw your clothing, send it in and wear your imagination!

21 - 06 - 2017

Especially girls like to draw and they’re pretty good at it! What would you say if I could make a drawing that later becomes your fashionable dress or cool t-shirt?

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girls clothing online unique fashion online for girls

Funky children’s clothes – we’ll turn your kids drawing into cool kids clothes, take a picture of your design and send it in! Kids design their own fashion!

09 - 06 - 2017

Children’s fashion will be different from now on because we’ve invented something very awesome for your funky kid’s.

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Funky children's clothes - Kids can be their own fashion designer with

Girls tankini – individual and original beach fashion or swimwear for kids aged 2-14 years old

05 - 06 - 2017

Your individual cover-up dress should be cheerful and blazing just like summer. Once you’ve printed out our dress or t-shirt template, your choices are pretty much unlimited when it comes to decorating your beach-themed cover-up dress.

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girls tankini - kids fashion their own original beach wear for kids

Girls clothes – we turn your child’s drawing into original cool kids clothing! Wear your imagination!

05 - 06 - 2017

Clothing and fashion have undergone several transformations in the last historical period in our modern world.

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Girls clothes which will make you stand out from the crowd

Kids dresses – a unique clothing line for girls from age 2 – 14 never seen before until now

05 - 06 - 2017

From today on, it’ll be really easy for kids to be their own fashion designer with Just follow our easy steps online which will take you through the whole procedure!

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Kids dresses - design and draw your individual girls clothes

Christmas ideas for kids – Christmas art ideas that turn your drawing into a piece of clothing

31 - 05 - 2017

Around Christmas time the desire for creativity and decorating literally explodes in each of us, especially in the hearts of our children.

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Christmas ideas for kids - easy Christmas crafts to decorate your template with

Party dresses for girls – Haute Couture with for an original fashion

29 - 05 - 2017 is a special and creative clothing line for 2-14 year-old girls and boys. Every single dress is produced exclusively for you.

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Party dresses for girls - create and draw your own party dress, take a picture and send it to us, wear your imagination!

Childrenswear – turn your drawing into your piece of stylish clothing

20 - 05 - 2017

First of all, and the most important, kids have to like what they are wearing. Especially girls want to pick out their own clothes when their around and about shopping with their moms.

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Childrenswear is even more fun with make your dress

Children’s clothes – we turn your kid’s drawings into a cool dress and t-shirt

17 - 05 - 2017

Children’s clothes – Creative children’s clothes are not bought but they’re created! Why do the majority of people think that girls should be just “cute”, while boys can be adventurous?

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Children's clothes - Creative children's clothes are not bought but they're created

Crafting – awesome kids arts and crafts to create and wear your own clothing!

05 - 05 - 2017

This completely new and exciting DIYS for kids is awesome and new! You don’t need anything special other than your crayons

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Crafting - decorating a template are easy crafts to follow for kids

Cool kids clothes – draw your clothing, kids 2-14 make their own unique fashion

05 - 05 - 2017

Out of the ordinary kids clothes – unique kids fashion like never before! Draw and wear your own clothes.

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Cool kids clothes - trendy dresses and t-shirts

Kids arts and crafts – best creative ideas for kids of all ages, draw and wear your imagination!

04 - 05 - 2017

The best creative ideas for children of all ages, involves drawing, creating and a lot of fantasy.

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Kids arts and crafts are fun to do

DIY fashion – 3 DIY instructions for a new fashion trend for kids

03 - 05 - 2017

DIY fashion is very trendy! Cool DIY fashion ideas for children are beginning to be so popular, as it is especially fun for the kids to make their own DIY children’s clothes.

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DIY fashion - creative and fun

Gifted children – you don’t have to be a high-ranking genius to draw and wear your own clothes!

03 - 05 - 2017

If you turn on the TV nowadays you can see more and more talent shows. Above all, there are more and more children who sing and dance in front of the camera…

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Gifted children - every child is talented

Handmade – sparkling ideas with, kids can draw and wear their own clothing with these 3 easy steps

03 - 05 - 2017

Here you can find how children can draw and wear their own clothing in 3 easy steps! A handmade piece of clothing designed by kids.

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Handmade crafts need lots of love, time and patience.

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